He Has Fulfilled the Obedience That We Owe

Charles Hodge:

“It is good to know — especially when facing the next world — that for every time we have failed to conform to God’s will in thought, word, and deed, by actively sinning or failing to conform to his revealed will, his Son has fulfilled the obedience that we owe. By never once giving in to the lust, pride, sloth, greed, selfishness, and malice that are so often allowed space in our overcrowded hearts, Jesus Christ becomes our Savior not only in his atoning death but throughout his life.”

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  1. Wesley says:

    Great quote! Even greater truth to think of when i think about other Christians i know and how much they still sin … that was a joke. I am ever humbled and amazed by expiation and imputation re: II Cor. 5:21. Thanks be to God!

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